This Is An Incredible Hypnotic Gastric Surgery Experience

This download will either reinforce and reignite the whole life-changing event if you have already experienced real surgery or implant a new surgical experience in the mind of those who have not.  This extraordinary hypnotic session will bring you from the time you walk in through the sliding glass hospital doors...  the fears and emotions that came prior to surgery... the surgery itself .... followed by a fantastic dreamlike state into what the future holds in store following the successful restriction which this hypnotic surgical experience has to offer.

Forgiveness Hypnosis Download

This very powerful session will bring you deep inside your very being, that place where the hurt and anger is stored, and clear it away, creating a clean canvas on which to create your future, yes the future you want, for you.  Even more importantly, you will be dissolving any need to self-loathe and thereby self-harm. You will feel more at peace with yourself.

Discover Who You Really Are Download

The only way to accomplish long-term success in the battle against any addiction, is to find out the answer to this life imposing question: Who Am I?

This incredible session will help you discover the answer.

To find out more about the importance of finding the answer to this question, click on the "Who are you" page on the menu or click on the button below.

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Malnutrition, Alcoholism & Divorce.

When someone loses major amounts of weight, the dynamics of the family changes, old friendships become strained, your personality changes and your relationship with your spouse can change.

These changes can lead to complicated emotional overloads that can drive the successful weight loss patient to alternative addictive behavior such as Alcohol, sex or drugs.

This program will help by allowing you to discover Who You Are and thereby establishing your true reasons for improving yourself and your life.  But this time..You Do It For You!

Since 1993

What Is Gastric Surgery Hypnosis?

Gastric Surgery Hypnosis is the missing link in the long-term success of bariatric surgery. We all know the amazing job done by the Bariatric Surgeons when it comes to changing the anatomy. Thanks to their amazing skills many, many obese people have had the opportunity to re-enter society and live a somewhat normal life. One would think that this is a wonderful opportunity for the morbidly obese person to change his or her life permanently. It is, but it only solves half the problem…the anatomy. The other half of the problem, the mind, has been left virtually unresolved. It is unfortunate but there are many failures from the surgery due to the inadequate preparation of the mindset...that mindset that gave way to obesity in the first place.


Who Is Elizabeth Marian Kilkenny

What Makes Me An Expert?


Since 1997, I have been a practicing Certified hypnotist at East Coast Hypnosis LLC in Fishkill New York.  During that time I have also become certified as an NLP practitioner, a HypnoCoach™ as well as a Certified Emotional intelligence Specialist.  However, none of these credentials matter as much as the fact that I am a post gastric bypass patient.  I know the issues involved in this major life-changing journey.  Not only have I lived with them, but I’ve listened time and time again to others who have mirrored my weaknesses.

I co-developed and taught a  Study Course for Hypnotists called "Bariatric Surgery For The Mind!".  This program was presented at the National Guild of Hypnotists Convention in Marlborough, Mass over several years.  The purpose of this course was to train other hypnotists what was involved in this complicated topic of REAL Gastric Surgery.  The emotional changes, the physical changes and the psychological changes that all have an effect on the long-term success of the surgery.  Now it is time to offer it to the people who need it...directly... so that they can use it in the privacy of their own home...on a daily accomplish that long-term positive outcome that we are all looking for.

  This program offers you an opportunity to use the power of your mind to accomplish your goals.  As it says in the heading, “Obesity begins in the mind…. Change the mind and you change the body forever”.


Why waste precious time when you could start today.  Every minute of this life is invaluable.  This is not a dress rehearsal, no, this is the real thing and every single day counts.  Why live your life wishing you were slim, healthy and full of excitement for what the future holds in store when all you have to do is take action now.  STOP WASTING TIME!