You must forgive the past...clear all OF THE NEGATIVITY away... before you can move into the future and meet your full potential.

Has it ever occurred to you that the reason we indulge in things, that we know are bad for us, is because we are punishing ourselves?  One of the main reasons we tend to punish ourselves is because of deeply embedded anger and self-loathing that we may have been carrying around with us, possibly for years.

One prime example of this type of anger is if a child has experienced bullying at school. The perpetrators of such abuse tend to hold a special place in our memory bank. This memory may end out being deeply buried in order to deal with our day to day life but the pain of the torment is long lasting and damaging.

Another situation where similar damage is inflicted is if a child has an angry parent who is condemning and belittling. This deeply embedded hurt turns to a negative belief in one's self. The belief that they are or will never be good enough. These situations often result in self-destructive behavior such as excessive drinking, eating, gambling or even drug abuse.

If every time someone said something negative or nasty to you, throughout your life, managed to take away a little piece of who you really are, then it must also be safe to say that every one of those people minimized your feelings of self-worth just a little bit. This could have been done, even unintentionally, by your parents, siblings, family members, childhood friends, teachers, schoolmates, teenage friends, boyfriends, girlfriends or college friends. Let's not forget the professors, medical professionals, legal profession, religious leaders, bosses and coworkers, strangers, grumpy cashiers and even your spouse, partner or lover.

Deep in our mind, we can feel guilty for mistakes we have made, things we have done or things that have been done to us.  In order to clear the pathway to new habits and beliefs, we must first clear away the negative emotions and feelings of the past.

This very powerful session will bring you deep inside your very being, that place where the hurt and anger is stored, and clear it away, creating a clean canvas on which to create your future, yes the future you want, for you.  Even more importantly, you will be dissolving any need to self-loathe and thereby self-harm. You will, in effect, feel so much more at peace with yourself.


Isn't it time to forgive your past?

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