All three of these audios total only 2-minutes & 47-seconds of an amazingly powerful 60-minute Hypnosis experience.  The purpose here is to plant the "memory" of the surgery into your subconscious mind.  This method results in the mind creating a restriction that can promote lasting change.  Remember...whatever the mind conceives you will achieve.

Have you undergone Gastric surgery in the past and find that you are gaining your weight back?

After all the adjustments, sickness, compliance and success, do you find yourself regaining some of the weight you had lost as a result of gastric surgery?  I have found this to be a real problem among us Post-Gastric Surgery Patients.  It does not happen to everybody but when it happens to you, it becomes a serious concern.  None of us want to return to our pre-surgical self.

After many years of dealing with this and other addictive behaviors, I realized the answer (following surgery) was no longer a physical issue but one that required a deeper level of change...a change in the belief system, in years of programming, of feeling inferior and unworthy.  This is where Hypnosis comes in.  It is different than talk therapy in that it closes out all of the daily nonsense and allows you to make changes in yourself on the deepest possible levels.  This program was designed with you in mind.

Are You looking To Lose Some Weight And Could Use some help?

Apart from actual surgery, Hypnosis is the best tool available to you.

Did you ever wonder why a portion of a population may be of one religious belief and others, another?  Or why one family is Republican while their neighbor might be Democratic?  All of these beliefs are the result of programming.  There is no RIGHT or WRONG, no there is just belief.

Maybe you are attached to food because, in your mind, it signifies love, safety, comfort and happy memories.   CHANGE THE BELIEF AND YOU CHANGE THE OUTCOME.

The quickest way to change a belief is to override it with a new association or experience that overpowers the established belief or association.  This is what the Gastric Surgery Hypnosis does.  This Hypnosis session implants a dramatic experience into the mind along with many powerful suggestions that will put you on the road to positive change.

What is Gastric Surgery Hypnosis?

Bariatric Surgery For The Mind – is the missing link in the long-term success of bariatric surgery. We all know the amazing job done by the bariatric surgeons when it comes to changing the anatomy. Thanks to their amazing skills many, many obese people have had the opportunity to re-enter normal society and live a somewhat normal life. However, in order to accomplish complete success with the surgical process, we need to make major changes in the mindset of the obese client.

As recently as 15 years ago bariatric surgery was reserved for the select few who were in danger of losing their life due to the severity of their obesity or to the few select patients who could afford to pay for it out of pocket. Now that the insurance companies are covering the surgery, many more surgeries are being performed on a daily basis. One would think that this is a wonderful opportunity for the morbidly obese person to change his or her life permanently. It is, but it only solves half the problem…the anatomy. The other half of the problem, the mind, has been left virtually unresolved. It is unfortunate but there are many failures from the surgery due to the inadequate preparation of the mindset.

This program takes you step-by-step through the emotional, physical and mental effects of shedding the massive amounts of weight that are so common with this surgery.

Learning to live with the changes that will occur as a result of losing massive amounts of weight, is equally as important as learning to make those changes.

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